Our journey started in 1996 with 3 brothers producing paper plates in Sweden…

We decided to move to Izmir Turkey until 2008, through a process of information we get with the range of products related to production and to increase production.

In the new production facility we established here, we added the production of paper cups and paper cake molds to the production of paper plates and increased our production power to the potential to compete with the competitors in the world.

Combining our ability to solve problems arising from production and the experience we have gained, we decided to produce machinery for the production of paper plates and folded containers in 2018

We see the shortcomings of paper forming machines and produce machines that are more durable and easier to operate, in accordance with European standards, with the power we get from the production knowledge.

We are always with you in all production processes from raw material purchase to finished product, as well as with our services.


To produce quality and economical products by combining new technologies with our 25 years of production knowledge.To ensure a continuous association with our customers with our sales and after sales support services.


To establish a continuous and sustainable ecosystem with innovative products. To be permanently among the industry leaders in Europe and the Middle East in the medium and long term.